The Crown Pro Jig

Introducing the Crown Pro Jig

The Crown Pro Jig is the first of it's kind.

-Cut crown molding like a professional with no experience.
-Make the exact cut every time.

What exactly is the Crown Pro Jig?

The Crown Pro Jig is a device you attach to your miter saw that holds crown moldling in the perfect position to
allow you to perfectly and easily cut it every time.

How do I use the Crown Pro Jig?

The Crown Pro Jig makes cutting crown molding easy and enjoyable. No assembly is required, just secure the Crown Pro Jig to your miter saw a cut crown molding like a professional in just minutes. If you want to save money and increase the value of your home, use the Crown Pro Jig to do it yourself like a professional . Don't waste money calling a guy who says he's any expert . You become the expert yourself using the Crown Pro Jig.

To see the Crown Pro Jig in action, click here.

See For Yourself

This home "do it yourself" project was completed within a couple hours using the Crown Pro Jig!!

-You can save thousands of dollars and raise the value of your home by using the Crown Pro Jig...
-Do all cuts like a professional.
-People will think a master craftsman hand cut each corner.
-Become an expert with the Crown Pro Jig.

Check out our Instructions page to see the Crown Pro Jig in action.
Once you are convinced that you can't live without the Crown Pro Jig, order here.